marrage is a long term relationship
young marreid couples and unmarried single women
have ideas about marrage that is unpractical…

like flirting for instance
I remeber my dad flirting with the cashiers at kroger
and they would flirt back
it wasn’t a big deal because my dad came with us and left with us
and was there everyday of my life
there was no break in continuity
and life went on no big deal

now my father in law had actually slept with other women
and told my wife about it who was her daughter at the time
what was he thinking?
after his death we found out he had another daughter
before he meet my wifes mom
and went to her house for christmas and what not
it was a major betrayal

My ego would like to believe other women still find me attractive

especially since my wife tells me how repulsive I am every day
so I look to women to be nice to me
I ultimately am commited to my marrage and will not leave my post
but positive feedback does wonders for my mood.

I want to be taken care of


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