some of the first movies with sound were the vitaphone series made during the 20’s 30’s

they have the energy of live performances, but are captured on film.
if you have ever seen a band live then heard a recording
the spontinaity is smashed out of the work through the painful recording process.
the film making process is even longer and more drawn out,
eliminating any goofyness, and crazy behavior.
no one would pay for something that may or may not be perfect would they?
but a performance can be about a time and place
and not such so serious it looses its soul.

Blues artists talk about soul they are working on pure emotion not logic
this make for an interesting performance. if you think about making a song it should have a chorus and a set number of verses, with a specific chord structure. but primtive artists can go around all that and create something that is pure emotion
, thay have no expectation of grandure or changine the world, or competition. it is merly a time and place they capture

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