picture a small shy boy sitting alone by a home made toy box
the toybox is made of old paneling with the top made of a naugahyde
seat cushion.

The toys are all old an beat up. The thrill of discovery is present everytime it is opened though.
old toys buried way at the bottom, that haven;t seen the light of day in a while…

different textures, wood, metal, plastic, a leather baseball glove,
a tennis ball, balls all have different properties
different types of rubber bounce better than others
some bounce soo much they get lost,
others bounce too little to be fun
the tennis ball though
it is perfect for many uses

it flies straight when thrown so it makes a good baseball
but it not as hard as a baseball so it doesn’t break windows.
it is too small to throw on the roof though,
it gets stuck in the gutter sometimes,
but if you throw it high enough on the roof
it will ramp over the gutter and pop up
so you can catch it.

a simple pleasure
my book
Originally uploaded by bartenational


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