the most powerful
muscle in your body is the mind…
most people are born with the same physical dimensions
the same amount of fingers toes and brain cells

but ultimately
the physical difference between a crack whore and a business leader is very small
working as an artist professionally is very challenging
people constantly want to tear (shit I can;t spell tear)
you down so you don’t want as much money,
or you will do thier bidding. there is constant critique going on.

people will walk by you as you walk from the printer to your desk and
take pot shots at your work, mostly without knowing it.

you could spend all day drawing a persons face and they will come up and say
“hey that is nice bowl of fruit”
or why does that lady have a beard?”

so you have to constantly battle that to keep working.
It would be easy to put down the pen and never come back
but ultimately you must perservier (sp)

but the brain must be trained to preform
some people have a defence mechanism that blocks out certain thoughts

why am I poor? what is my future? will my house collapse around me?
these are things one has no control of for the most part
but they can plague the mind

God can save you is some peoples relief, some people just drink alot
or drug alot. poor people are looking for an out to crushing poverty.

sometimes they don’t have the reasoning power to think thier way out
or have a phsycoligical barrier that stops them from progressing.

so if they realize the future holds no golden cloud to ascend to, they become depressed.

the reality they will survive and reproduce maybe with some hardship
but equally to people who are “well off”
sometimes they will even live a happier life without the constant struggle for supremacy.

but they never become aware that they have it good.

I am always thinking negative thoughts and dragging myself down. I am my own worst enemy. I can talk myself out of alot of positive things. I can also talk myself into alot of good things.

if I choose to do it.

damn those bengals are throwing it away to the steelers!!! crap

they lose the mental battle everytime against the steelers.
the steelers are not that good, but the bengals give up after the first ten minutes


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