The word vanity is mostly ignored these days. The entire celebrity experience has become mostly about vanity. in the early days of film people became famous not for thier beauty but for thier personality, fred astaire, jimmy durante, jimmy stuart, the stars that last in our memories have a definate personality. Lana Turner, Ava Gardner although very striking it is hard to remember them as individuals. Luciel Ball was very beautiful but we remember her personality. That is her finger print on the world. Ben Afleck Brad Pitt Paris hilton are mostly striking visually but not much is happening on the personality front. A test to see if they have a personality or not would be to do an impression of them. Like when goober said “judy judy judy” on the Andy Griffith show you knew he was doing Cari Grant. What would a Paris Hilton catch phrase be? I got nothin here… So if celebrity is still around in 50 years what will people remember from our time? Kurt Cobain probably, the young olsen twins (the old ones are just creepy), politcal figures are known for thier policy, people can’t do a good William Howard Taft impression. Society has become increasingly focused on vanity. Natural has become a irrellivent. PLastic surgary is rampant. The pendulum is swinging back the other way to a more natural feel, but it is just starting it won’t take full center stage for 5 years or so. When the major corporations can get it together for the masses.


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