I have some theories about it

some people are born with a certain anxiety level.
This comes from a pronounced survival instinct.
In the wild man is constantly challenged to
compete for food and mates.
Current established societies remove the challenges from
everyday life. So all we have to do is show up.
This creates intense boredom. Like a monkey in a cage.
Go to a zoo, you’ll see an ape pacing back and forth,
or a lemur staring blankly into space.
as if to say shoot me please…

This creates constant survival activity in the brain.
the only way to relieve these problems is with distraction.

– ciggarettes
– prozac
– exercise
– drinking
– almost anything
– work
– money
– sex
– small dogs
– blog (especially this one)
– internet

all of these things aren’t neccesary in the wild,
monkeys don’t own tread mills because they are too busy
fighting the alpha males, and finding food.

anyway what was I talking about?

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