I grew up in Anderson near Beechmont mall.
it was designed in the 70’s so it was the height of stle for that era.
the roof was brown, the walls were tan cement.
When I dream I go back there and buy ice cream at the United Dairy Farmers that was located at the entrance.

It had sticky cafe tables set up and always smelled of sherbert.
I first tasted orange sherbert there. I remember my sister saying
“lets get some sherbert” “what is that?” I said. “You’ll love it”
the old logo had colors of sherbert ice cream in it. and the stores had those colors all around.
it was like a shrine to sherbert.

I used to hang out at the mall while my parents went shopping at Thriftway across the parking lot. They had a hobby store with models in it. and an aladdins castle arcade. It was like a local hang out where kids could congrgate. You would go in there and one of your school mates would be in there playin pacman. Even if you didn’t hang out at school it was cool to watch them play a game or two. or even play against each other. It was truely awsome.

They had a woolworths where I bought a Chia pet for someone for Christmas one year. I don’t know what ever happened to that. The wool worths had a lunch counter in it. it had dark wood panel booths with old men sitting in them drinking coffee, while their wives looked endlessly at Leggs (they came in a plastic chrome egg) nude pantyhose.
You could still smoke in those days, so the place reaked. I never ate there, I am sure it was good at the beginning but any restaurant inside a poorley ventelated mall will eventually become coated with a fine layer of grease from the fryer, then dirt will lodge iteself in the stickey top layer of every thing. What is commonly known as grime. Most people today have no tolorance for grime these days. Things are destroyed as soon as they are out of fashion, so they never have time to accumulate the fine layers of crude like they used to.

But I knew every inch of the mall in detail. I walked it every week on friday for an hour or two 52 times a year. Then we piled in the van, drove the groceries home, and ate a frozen pizza and drank pop (once a week).

When I graduated from high school they remodeled it (see link below) and tryed to update it, but the whole mall concept had gone out of fashion and in this infinately wealthy society we can afford to destroy it. but alas it was just a building.



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