This is the first year of my life where we haven’t put up a Christmas Tree.
My mom and dad had the same plastic tree since 1965. when my mom died my dad left the tree up until august. It was sad. His alhzhiemers didn’t allow him to remember Christmas was over. And no one was there to do it for him. or make him do it. My mom pretty much kept him goin in the right path. So when she died it was a huge hole. He was heart broken. I think depression and alhzhiemers can go hand in hand at times. He is now living in a veterens home. Thank God for those people. He needs full time care. He is like a newborn on the helplessness scale. He also likes it there. My dad has an unbeatable personality. No desease or hard ship can keep him down. He has adapted to his new life at the home and is thriving. I know he doesn’t know where he is most of the time, but he still has sense enough not to fight it. Other patients have a hard time accepting fate but he seems to be doing good living in the present. I have a hard time seeing him. I have so many vivid memories of the past. They all seem to well up in me.

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