So we don’t have a tree. We are going to my mother in laws for the week and we all hate putting it up. It has become another chore. So we had a family discussion and all agreed “we don’t care”. It is liberating. If the kids don’t care, then who does? Christmas has been pounded down our throats for a long time. Becoming more and more about stuff and not about enjoyment. It is a shame we don’t enjoy it. My childhood family used to go to the Khrone conservatory every year and pay homage to the manger. The manger warms my heart. It is a message of hope and good will towards men. Not of a craass sale at penny’s. Why do we tourture ourselves?

Most of history is all about mankind having no self disipline. first we come up with an idea, then we do it to death until it becomes a sham. Like most forms of government. Dictatorships start with the idea “man, we need someone to make a desicion” and end up “man, how come we can’t make any desicions?” if dictators could strike a middle ground where everyone gets what they want it would be great, but usually what everyone wants is to be the dictator. So that idea can’t work.

Christmas trees are the same, first it was hey wouldn’t it be fun to have a tree in the house? then over time it became bigger than that. Hey lets decorate it, hey lets decorate it more than last year, hey lets build a wing on our house to accomidate the new huge tree! wow I hate messing with the tree! Kill me know!


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