I have two gift cards with a dollar or two on them.
So I am supposed to go to a store and try to spend two bucks?
They just sit there mocking me. I place them where I can see them
so I remember to take them, but they are for stores I don’t
normaly go to. I wonder how much money is out there floating around
unspent. It is pretty much giving money to businesses for no reason.
A gift card is convienient but it is not a usefull item. I guess you could jimmy
a lock with one, or build a little house, but unless you spend it
it will remain a piece of plastic.

America is so weathly we can just throw money away, and don’t expect
to get anything for it. We just accept that. No one challenges that thinking.
That is why we don’t bother balancing our budgets. We don’t have to.
we have so much money we don’t know the pain of being really poor.

Poor people know it. I have seen people taking 20 free frisby’s from a
radio station booth because they were free. Why? because if you have nothing
at least you would be rich in frisbys. “the frisby landed on the roof?” ” No problem
I have 19 more”.

When you run out of something and have no way to get any more. It can be a bad feeeling. Hording can become a way of life. Saving every thing. Tryin to get enough stuff. but stuff never fills the hole in your soul. you forget about stuff. stuff doesn’t hug you or make you feel loved. Love is hard to get, so when you don’t have enough you can buy stuff to distract you. Stuff. got to get stuff.

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