really this is a non holiday, I know people look back on the year and think of what they did sometimes but really, does it really matter. the year is based on and arbitrary time structure invented so farmers would know when to plant and harvest. since as a society we are no longer based on agriculture (we leave that to other faceless unknown people and have no concept on how it is done or care to know) modern man has no emotional connection to new years day. lonely people get together and decide it sucks being alone all the time, and they haven’t got together with anyone this year, and make on last gasp at mating by kissing whoever stands near them. Most of the time it is a mistake or a band aid on a gun shot wound. Married people mostly just pine for thier freedom but make no real effort to gain it back. We lost what ever game we once had years ago, and wouldn’t know what to do with a hottie if we actually caught one. It is depressing for me personally and I miss my mom this time of year, I miss the unconditional love deal. and wonder if I will ever have it again. I may have it but it is hard to tell. My brain has a hard time deciphering emotions, and I can be quite self absorbed. The last statement only proves the fact further. Nothing can be more self absorbed than writing a blog about your own emotions on self absorption. The whole blog thing is a bunch of bullshit. But here I am doing it, hopeing someone will someday read it. Obviously this paragraph is much too long for the average person to read, I have learned from years of advertising and packaging art work that people really could care less about reading and avoid it at all costs. that is why products are named Tide or Cheer instead of “Concentrated Liquid Soap Specificaly Designed For Clothes Washing”. in fact the fewer letters a name has the larger it can be reproduced on a package therfore insuring legibility on even the smallest labels.

3 thoughts on “end of the year

  1. it is a generalization, not really ment to encompass all married couples and unmarried couples, but just a vauge gut feeling

  2. Just curious. It seems like a common sentiment.

    Kinda like the same feeling you get when you eat JTM burgers. You know there is something to it beyond the painted grill-mark facade, and you are pretty sure it’s being covered up by 34 different artificial flavors and colors…

    I deleted my last comment because I forget the “e” in there.

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