so I am driving my family home from SC on Friday, we travel 500 miles by car and get about 10 minutes from the city. Imagine four lanes of traffic, packed tightly all going 80 mph. Semi tractor trailers large enough to crush us on the right, hot rod teens on the left. We have all of our Christmas junk piled so high in the back I can’t see out the rear window and must constantly check the mirrors before veering ever so slightly to the left or the right as I might hit some one. Oh yea it was raining and I had a bad case of hemorrhoids. My lower back was tight and my eyes kept twitching from the constant driving for the last 8 hours straight. But we were almost done. just a few more minutes and I would be home in my own house. with my own t.v. sitting in my own chair, drinking a cold drink in my favorite glass.

then I see a ford explorer skidding across the lane in front of me sideways.
The car was headed toward the concrete wall between the 8 lanes of traffic. It hit head on and rolled over one and a half time resting on the roof. As I watched it skid I thought “OK we just have a skidding car no need to panic don’t make any sudden moves” then it hit the wall and started rolling it was like “oh shit, this is not good, try to avoid any obstacles

as we drove past with my foot off the gas not believing what just happened. my wife picked up the cell and called 911. I slowed even more. I checked my mirrors and everyone else was just slowing also. My wife said you need to see if they are all right. so I pulled over and said” nobody get out of the car” I ran back to the wreak sight. My pants kept falling down. I had removed my belt to be more comfortable in the long car ride. so I was running with my hands on my waist to keep my pants up. I get to the car and about ten people are already there. DVDs are scattered on the highway along with other personal effects. A PlayStation 3 is behind the wreak. and other small items. The people can’t get out. I can see them in there. who are they? are they OK? how many? people are amassed around the drivers side door pulling on it and it won’t open. I say “is it unlocked?” they yell unlock the door in the window. We wait a little bit while they unlock it. they people start pulling on the door and it scrapes open. Two middle aged people get out, a man and a woman in the drivers seat, the man is holding his arm, we look at it it appears OK. The women gets out and is standing there looking annoyed. everyone is standing around the man and to woman stands alone. the police or emergency guy shows up to look at the man and tells everyone to get out of the road. At that point I realise I am not helping anything, and might become a traffic victim also and head back to the car. We drive the 20 minutes home.

The whole trip I am concerned with safety. And here we are second away from being involved in a crash. I am not ready to die. That is for sure.

Turns out I see people fucking up the merge everyday for the last ten years while I drive to work and it pisses me off. How hard is it? There was a mustang that got pushed over by a car that merged without looking. that caused the ford to skid and hit the wall.

O.k. let go over this.

Step 1 .) when you approach the ramp look left to see if you can see any traffic.

Step 2.) Press the gas down to the floor until you reach the speed of traffic you are merging with, if people are going 60 mph you need to go the same speed.

Step 3.) when you reach the parallel lane look in your left mirror for a space in traffic
also check over your left shoulder in your blind spot.

Step 4.) THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: adjust your speed to fit into the open spot!
so if there is a car right next to you slow down or speed up to fit into the empty space.
this is crucial! if you just pull out you will hit the car! or the car will have to move to miss you and it could hit another car! you are at fault here

if you can’t do this don’t drive on the highway where you must merge to get on. It is no shame in not driving. It is a shame to kill people because you cannot merge.

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