Being a man can suck. You have to shovel
snow, pick up dead animals work on the ugly stuff.

Equaliy amoung the sexes dissapeares when a terd becomes lodged in the toilet.
My wife doesn’t even pretend to know what to do.
It is not rocket science, you create a seal around the hole with the rubber end
and pump the water up and down until the object becomes dislodged.

You have to block out the fact that the terd is disintegrating creating a brown water mixture,
and water is splashing out. then what do you do with the plunger.
It is wet and dirty afterwards.

I’ll tell you what to do, man up.
As a man you have to be tough, because that is your job.
A man can’t have a baby, your body is made for labor, not child bearing.
A baby doesn’t sleep as well on the hard shoulder of a man vs. the soft bosum of a woman.

To quote Billy Cunningham, Local radio DJ, “know your roll and shut your mouth”


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