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I have had the pleasure of watching my kids grow up, Even though they aren’t grown ups, they are pretty much out of the little kid realm. The thing to learn from kids is what they don’t know. Watching the grade school Christmas show, you see them come out barely staying on stage in kindergraten, but by second grade they get out there and sing thier asses off. They steel the show every year. They don’t know they can’t do it. They learn that and by seventh grade they barely make a sound and need microphones turned up all the way just to hear them. Adults are so self concious they don’t even try to sing. Karioke could only happen in bars where people get drunk enough to let thier guard down. Singing is a joyous thing. People should be allowed to sing more often. Church is an excuse to sing but even there people are terrified to take part. Art is an expression of the soul. Musicals are a lost art. We can make movies of anything with computer graphics, but we can’t make joy on a computer.


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