Dachshund Portraiture
Originally uploaded by bartenational

I have given in to selling out completely. I have been trying to sell out for a while, but nobody is buying! I think I could get into specialized portraiture. Like mini dachshunds exclusivly. somthing about the profile of a small dog could inspire me. Sure it is no robot zombie but what are you gonna do? I have always been against art that is too serious. Art is a joke most of the time, why not go with it? If a criminal was going to rob an old man I don’t hink any expressionist painting could stop that. Nor are starving Africans able to eat a pollock painting. The same goes for music John Lennon is thought of as a god to some but what did he really accomplish for the public good? anything? what bullshit. Art is entertainment for the most part. Social concious art does nothing to help causes. Real people work in soup kitchens actually feeding people while some self absorbed artist paints a picture of someone starving. That is why I always consider commercial art as the highest form of art. Its meaning is not obscured by pretension. It actually serves a utilitarian purpose. I can also adds beauty to our drab lifeless surroundings. If we must have words on our package why not make them nice looking or interesting?


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