A private company makes money for the owner(s) off of your labor.
So if you make $10 an hour they need to make $20 so they get paid and you get paid.
At a large corporation if you make $10 an hour they need to make $30 off of your work so the bosses get paid and the stock holders get paid.

So the net effect is they want you to make less money so they make more money.
Now a private company still wants to do that but they actually have to look you in the face every day because for the most part they work next to you. Stock holders monitor numbers on a web site and never actually meet anyone they are trying to chisel out of money. So if they can
beat you down on price they are going to nickel and dime you to death. I have money in the stock market and I don’t ask where it comes from. Ultimately it comes out of the pockets of working people. Rich people stay rich by not giving up the money very easily. Poor people don’t really care about money and spend it easily.

Corporate responsability is a sham. They have no problem expoloiting the Chinese workers, and encouraging families to have both parents working because they can pay less and make more money. It is simple.

The problem with that is families break down, crime goes up because parents aren’t raising the kids. Kids are put into baby farms being raised by strangers. People have become complacent about this fact. They don’t really have a voice to combat this problem. This makes us all unhappy.

I don’t have a solution to all of this but people need to side with thier families first. Unions are a bad word. or worse an unknown word in most households. So you have one voice verses millions of stock holders.

Our society is based on everyone being a millionare and everyone being a star. F@#k that.
I just want to be happy.


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