Over the next few days I am going to post a new vintage candybar wrapper!

These are all privately owned companys. Back in the days before the giant global candy conglometrates candy bars were a local creation made by a small candy shop. Alot of them still exist, but they are not available at walmart.

The fun part of that is the names are just made up on the spot without a focus group or high level marketing strategies. So you get alot of creative product names. Creative simple names like “Big Shot” vs Reese’s Peanut butter and Banana Creme “Elvis” Edition. Instead of trying to cash in on the market trends of “Elvis” and Special edition, they just made a candy bar and sent it out.

The landscape of America has become so homogenized you could be standing in the middle of a walmart in rural Pennsylvania at 3 am or one at 4:15 in the afternoon in las vegas and not know it. BORING!!!!!!! Way to suck the fun out of life large corporations!

Big Shot


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