“Oh I am putting on my top hat”

Fred Astaire. One of my favorite movies. It is a fantasy world where people wear top hats and tails every where. In 1935 the depression was over and WWII wasn’t there yet, so what does that mean? PARTY. The plot is only put in place to set up Fred and Ginger to dance. Ginger is cute and little bit sexy. Fred is like a cartoon of himself, providing a deadpan delivery with just enough smirk to let you know he is in on the joke. Then the photography is awsome, the sets are sweet, the costumes are tasteful. It is hard to find a movie where all the pieces are done tastefully. What is taste? If you think of it literally taste is equal to palletable, or something you want to eat. You don’t just put anything in your mouth… it has to look edible… I saw the movie carefree with fred and ginger and everything was wrong, the dresses were painfull to look at, the comedy was played out, the songs sucked man, I could go on. A craftsman must have had everying working to get top hat done. and by carefree you feel like they just don’t care.

Who has even seen a top hat these days other than in the game monopoly?


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