With the advent of The creation Museum nearby, http://www.creationmuseum.org/
is it too far fetched to consider this step?
Science and reason has had its run over the last fifty years, but people don’t really want to be bothered with learning all those facts. News has become infotainment, Katie Curic has replaced Edward R Morrow the hard hitting newsmen of the past. They took pride in getting the real story out. They have all died and no one has taken up the guard. Judges let people slip out without respecting their authority, the public school system has become a joke. Sex has moved from a celebration of life to a sleazy pastime of the unwed. Porn stars are now more popular than scientists. So we choose with our pocket books to get ourselves off vs. helping our fellow man. Art has become dark and confused, the youth can no longer play out side because the porn crazed perverts have taken over. TV has become a disgusting poop feast unsafe for the innocent. Innocence has taken a beating.

Santa has been replaced by a coke adman pushing sugar in a Walmart. Where is the love people?!!!

Do people even write love songs anymore or are the all just bump and grind?


2 thoughts on “New Dark Ages?

  1. I’ve always thought of these times as what it must have been like during the last days of Rome.

    That would make Bush the equivalent of Caligula.

    I was at an antique show yesterday and saw a poodle being pushed along in a baby stroller… by (supposedly) ADULTS. Strange days indeed.

  2. we are getting there, but the last days of Rome lasted around 500 years, so we have plenty of time before we move to Canada! nice poodle mental visual thx

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