Back when cowboys and Indians was the most popular game played by kids, it seems to make sense to have the polar opposite of the pecan Pete bar. The icon of the Indian Chief was the feather head dress. I think the lost part of the game of cowboys and Indians was half of us want to be cowboys and the other half want to be Indians. There is something alluring about mastering nature and fighting civilization. Being born and raised on a time clock where your whole life is a scheduled event, you long for freedom. Native Americans never had to answer to a time clock. Stress was not artificially created for them by a schedule
, they only answered to nature and food sources. Maybe that was harder than I can ever imagine, but in my mind wondering around the woods looking for a rabbit to eat with my family seems to be a much better life than typing about it on a computer at 4:41 on a Wednesday afternoon, while sitting in a cubical. Sure it is cold outside, but I imagine you would get used to it if you lived outside your whole life.

side bar: peanuts, sugar, corn and cane syrup, soda and salt. that is one potent ounce for 5 cents


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