What no igloos? Iceland sandwich, with white snow like coconut, but where is the Eskimo? it should be at least frosty light blue…

unless it was in the freezer already and when you touch it, your hand became cold, then it sort of makes sense.

but then again, I really hate to be negative on anything vintage with such sweet typography, but what are the red lightning bolts about? “This candy is shockingly good”

or “Hazard to try our Iceland Sandwich?” or “Warning: awesome candy enclosed”

oh well my mind is somewhere else today, I think I saw it lashing together some logs down on the Ohio river bank, getting ready to embark on a scenic tour of the grand waterway, floating slowly down to the pacific. “hey brain! don’t leave yet, you have to finish your work!” but alas it is too far away. we are a small figure on the bank waving hard but look to be the size of an ant to our brain…

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