G.J: “J.P. Take a memo”

J.P.: “right G.J.!”

G.J: “new candy bar idea came to me in my sleep last night”

J.P.: “That’s great G.J.!”

G.J.: “I had a dream it was the day after thanks giving…”

j.P.: “yea!, yea!”

G.J: “I go to the icebox…”

J.P.: “sounds great G.J.!”

G.J: “inside is a pile of left over turkey…”

J.P: “yea, turkey you say, I can’t believe it!, wow turkey!”

G.J.: “wait it gets better!… I pick up the turkey and take a bite…”””

J.P.: ” I still can’t believe you found turkey in the icebox..!!”

G.J: ” you ready…. the turkey… taste like Maple with walnuts!…”

J.P.: ” You are out of your F*$#king Mind”


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