This one has interesting colors, a sort of green gray blue and orangish red. Early design work often had complex colors. Complex colors are colors mixed out of more than the primary colors. Painters don’t use cyan magenta, yellow and black to paint in. But designers often end up using them because they print well and are the most vibrant. So the products pop off the shelf and become more prominent. But early on, they didn’t know all this so the just picked colors that were more in harmony with the world around them, the natural world or the painters world of color. This also makes thing look old even if they are in perfect like new condition.
People wore black alot and drove black cars (like we are doing in this current color trend) so alittle color went along way back then. You didn’t need day glow orange, you just needed something that wasn’t black or dirt colored. Also coal was used to heat things so even if you had bright colors on your candy bar, it most likely was covered in soot. Most chimney sweeps favored Hershey’s dark brown bar package because it hid the soot so well. So when you were on the roof top worn out from dancing all day and wanted a snack, you didn’t want it all soot covered govna’.
“‘all ‘ave me a Fig Pie bertie ol’ mate”
“right after I jam me brush in ‘is dirty ‘ole a little while”
” that’s the ticket”


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