Last night I ate some baloney that I got from the deli. My wife always tells me to throw out deli, I think too soon. So I secretly put this two week (?) old baloney in a burrito wrap, with some swiss cheese and microwaved it. It tasted pretty good, or did it? maybe it was alittle old, I am not sure. Today I feel like I have some flu like symptoms. Alittle hot, alittle sick to my stomach, kinda achy. Was it the baloney or did I eat the baloney because I felt weak and needed some protien? Oh well, I will just tought it out and see if I feel better tommorow. I remember yesterday in church thinking the people in front were alittle blurry, but I thought that was the hang over from the night before.

Jeff called me and we went to the southgate house. He is 42 I am 39 almost 40. I used to race BMX with Jeff in the 1980’s, then we played in a band for a while, now we just work and pay bills for our families. Times change my friend, times change…

Jeff had a full Torker (bike brand name) uniform. If you are unfimalier with BMX racing pants. The pants are made of nylon, with sewn in knee protection, and are brightly colored, his were black, yellow and white. The official colors of torker team. he had a matching jersey, bike and helmet.

I secretly was jealous of his matching uniform. I was always scrabbling together bikes from various sources, and putting a uniform together out of what I could get my hands on cheap. Some people respect my ability to make something out of nothing, but looking back Jeff who had it all and I who had nothing, both find ourselves in exactly the same spot in life. As adulthood sets in, you get to realize life is pretty much the same for every one. Some days you are on top, somedays it is someone else. Some people never get their due. Others get more than the could ever possible deserve, but we all are about the same, happy wise.
I know rich depressed people and poor happy people and vise versa.

end of transmission

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