Yesterday I had something I said come back to me, one of my coworkers had created a design layout completely in photoshop. Then we needed to copy and paste the design on a wire frame to show versioning…
 All of our final art files are created in illustrator… so you can easily change  colors, the file is smaller, you can scale the art up and down and it doesn’t loose resolution, it is ten times faster than a psd file, there are many more boring reasons…. but basically the work needed to be recreated in illustrator. So you are doing it twice. not very efficient
 so I  said “dude, that was a rookie move”
That was four days ago?
I usually don’t start out saying something like that but he was cocky and kind of goaded (sp) me into it. So he brings it up again yesterday… “I know it was a rookie move”
so that is the story, it has no point or resolution, only to say people are listening to what you say, and things will resonate with people, and you won’t know what that is. and by you I mean me, I am talking to myself, Inner dialog and all that….
I do this to my wife all the time, I say something letting out my true feelings, sometimes they are valid emotions, sometimes I am just being selfish, but it is too late to take them back…
sometimes the truth can hurt like a kick in the nuts.
so after that, I open up my folder and pick up the next wrapper, in sequence, as the are listed in the folder, low and behold the next wrapper is “the rookie”. Coincidence? God is trying to tell me something? Karma? If for instance God was talking to me, what was he trying to say? 
Sometimes things just resonate, like artists who independently come to the same conclusion, or scientists who create light bulbs on the other side of the world without ever meeting…
or the use of the phrase “feel the fire” in 1980’s pop songs…

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