Man this bar really swings!

its got notes and music staff all over it!
hmm what is the tune?
It has been a great run, this candy bar wrapper blog o’ mine, didn’t we almost have it all? The packaging, the nostalga, the catchy names?
I picked up this series off the internet a while ago and saved it on my drive for a special occasion… I am not sure what web site they came from, but they are someone elses… would they be honored with a reprint? and mad that I used theier sources… I don’t have any idea…. once you put something on the internet you can assume it will be copied at random… everytime you view something it has to download to your computer so it gets copied per view… copies of copies of copies… but none to hold in your hand, The internet is a virtual reality not a real one. In a blink of an eye your hard drive can vaporize and become unreadable… leaving no trace it ever existed. maybe historians will read about it and wonder  what this ancient technology was. like the plant the greeks found that worked like a contraceptive, it quickly became extinct when people couldn’t stop using it… or ambrosia…. things lost in the past. Paper lasts longer than digital but modern paper has become so poor that it yellows and falls apart in a few years much less centuries… I have sillouettes on my wall at home of my daughter, my wife and her mom, all cut when they were in grade school. The blackest one with the whitest paper is the one from 1965, followed by the 1975 one of my wife, and the 2000 one by my daughter looks like it was washed in a washing machine. the gray is black, the white is yellow and wrinkly. What message are we sending to children? How can we screw up paper? alot of what we have today will not last very long… so enjoy it my friend…

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