I did this in Illustrator 9 or 10? It is all object blends, transparency and a little gradient meshes.
I drew the outline with a pencil, then inked it, then scanned the ink. I dropped in the base colors of grey and white then blends on the top of that. I usually start from the background laying in large swatches of color, then add highlights and shading. There is not alot of shading here, I wanted the cat to be clean and bright. 
so I get this drawing done, for the world’s cheapest cat food, it looks like they took a print out and shot it with a camera to color separate it from in four color process. In commercial art you always have to figure out how something will be printed and build your file that way. 
Historically Adobe creates features in Illustrator that can in no way be printed or seperated without the printer drivers being rewritten. Which is something nobody makes money on, so it rarely ever happens. If I had known how this was going to be printed I could create some work around to help them, but nobody said they had a problem, so I didn’t think to ask. Then I saw it on the shelf in the store the cat was all gray with no white anywhere. dang almost something good but not quite.

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