created 2.16.95 @ 2:14
modified 2.17.95 @ 4:51
People have said “man you do all the cools jobs… bla bla bla” whatever man…
making a living drawing is a hard knock life
somedays you have to suck it up 
and draw an animal yard marker
I don’t even know what the hell this was supposed to be
they just said  draw some farm animals stacked on top of each other then we will put a reflector on it…
I guess people put this near their driveway some people don’t drive in the grass?  
Looking back the style is really bright and cartooney, it should be rougher and folkier, a concept clear to me now but at the time I couldn’t quite grasp…. I saved this art and any art that is original and hand drawn… and the file is only 172 kb not much space on a 320 GB drive…. it’s funny to see the past.. perfectly preserved just as the day it was created years ago… my face looks rougher and bares the scars of time, I deteriorate while the digital art shows no sign of aging at all… its not natural 
look at the faces though, they are funny

2 thoughts on “payment of dues

  1. i like the smiley cow. he’s the happiest of the bunch, yet he’s carrying the most weight.

    it’s neat to see your improvement over the years. this is nice, but you’ve gotten so much better in the last 10 years. i hope to see such improvement in my work over time too.

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