sometimes you need a little positive re-enforcement. That is why I like fun art vs. adventure art. Something goofy or colorful can help my mood lean towards the better than an angry dwarf battling a dragon. Right now a movement is in full swing. I guess it has been around awhile since the 60’s with Creepy and other horror magazines. The Dwarf aspect though seemed to really take hold in the 1970’s. Dungens and Dragons was one of the first role playing games I can remember. Led Zepplin is the sound track of fairies and middle earth. I grew up being exposed to this type of stuff, but could never really understand why people got into it…. escape ism? 
real life is not really that bad to me, I just want to be happy more often, so non traditional clowns and comedy is always welcome. It is hard to quantify though. Comedy is based on timing, so a movie by Charlie Chaplin in the 1920’s was probably hilarious to people of that time, today it is hard to laugh out loud to one of his movies. I find movies I thought were hilarious at the age of ten, have no comedy value today. Go bad and watch meatballs, Bill Murray is funny, but not nearly as funny as he was back then…
I have always tried to crack the comedy code, to create a funny joke, but a joke is funny only in a specific time period… it is like milk… it is only good fresh. 
Monty Python is still funny though after 40 yrs but it is also starting to sour, and it only appeals to a certain type of person, people who don’t like monty python, will never like monty python, and those who do etc…
this drawing was done in marker, then scanned in and processed in Illustrator, then custom colored. to look soft

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