Windsor McCay was a cartoonist around the 1900-1930 era. His drawing ability was unquestionably amazing. He drew in ink with very little pencil work, so he basically had to see the drawing in his head, then draw it perfectly, because you can’t erase black India ink.
He also invented animation as we know it today, a series of ink drawings done on acetate. His early films although rough by our standards today, where created without any guidance because no one had done it before. thousands of drawings done by himself in ink, stuck to a card, then photographed to 35 mm film. Film was still in its infancy and an unsure art….
Although he was a great artist, I find the whole hero concept flawed. To look up to heroes you place yourself in a separate category. All men are created equal, is the mantra. I have always strive to be as good as Windsor McCay, in many ways I have fallen short, but I am only human I can’t do it all….. So what is the point of all this?  to strive to be better… to not become complacent… that is the hard part… the world around doesn’t favor people who do better… nobody wants to look bad or feel like they aren’t good enough.. but the only path to enlightenment is through constant improvement… and no accomplishment is so great as to complete yourself… Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but failed a thousand times before… he didn’t quit trying until he died… trying to improve life for others… the only truly worthy goal…. 

oh… oh wa a a  aaughhgh
oops I fell off my soap box!!… 
how embarrassing!
What a load of crap!

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