I was reading a post on CL about a group of Moms who want to create a social group for parents who pose the question “Are you raising your children to be who they are and not what society wants them to be?”

As a parent I have never received an email from “society” or any letters… There are no meeting groups or organizations for “society”. What exactly does this mean? What would you tell an alien who just came to this planet??

the group is MayhemMommy.com, & Their children must be an absolute delight (sarcasm).
my kids still like to eat with thier hands no matter how much society frowns on them, but I would rather send them to finishing school than encourage them to be pigs.

We are all basically wild animals when we are born. pooping on the floor and walking around on all fours. The whole point of humans is we are better behaved than monkies… at least some of us. So why in Gods name would you create a group around that?

Children are afraid alot of the time, especially in a house hold where things are changing. They are afraid of divorce and bears and monsters and things they don’t understand. It is our job to give them a worm safe place out of the cold harsh reality of life, where people kill each other and make chili out of them. Mayhem and anarchy are really not well understood these days.

If you really believe in anarchy you should expect your car to be stolen and your house burnt down. I have had the former happen. It is quite the rude awakening when some teenagers steal your car to go joy riding and you have to take the bus to work to your shitty seven dollar an hour job so you can make rent in your two hundred and fifty dollar apartment in the ghetto.

Anarchy loses its charm real fast…. it seemed all cool and dangerous in high school though when I got to go home after wards to our house in the suburbs


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