interconnected lines, create a nonlinear pattern, not really a pattern then, more of a collection of random things. The Internet is a collection of random things thrown in a box. You can only see into the box through a screen, you cannot touch the things in the box or smell or experience them in reality, but you can  fantasize about them. You can look at pictures of a Ferrari or death without being connected to them emotionally. The next level of television. Alternate reality, second life. there is no editor though on the Internet, so you get a lot of gum wrappers and pull tabs next to the rare coin. 
My father used to wake up on Saturday mornings and go metal detecting with his buddy. They would research old maps to look for 100 year old bandstands, where people would sit out on a lawn to enjoy the music on a warm summer evening. The pockets of pants have a tendency to empty when you sit down, and grass is deeper then it appears. Small things can fall at your feet and you cannot see them. 
ninety percent of the things you pick up with a metal detector are foil gum wrappers, and beer can pull tabs, to our younger readers, all cans had a piece of metal with a small handle you pulled off the reveal the drink. then you would trow away the small metal tab or drop it on the ground. so there is a layer of them about 3 inches down everywhere. 
many things in life are like the pull tab, take for instance this drawing I did for no apparent reason in the 1990’s. This illustrator blend heavy monstrosity was the pinnacle of design in the 90’s. blends had to be cut from zip a tone sheets with x-acto knives in one color and pasted into place on a piece of cardboard called a mechanical. You couldn’t just blend from color to color easily like with illustrator and freehand. outlines had to be hand cut or drawn, so you avoided them. It was a real skill to be able to create a consistent weight outline around type and anything. Color separations were super labor intensive. Every studio has staff production artist who take the designs and make it actually print right. A truly needed skill…. 

2 thoughts on “world wide web

  1. i hope my blog would be more of a pull tab and not a foil gum wrapper. i know it’s not the “rare coin” like some of my favorite sites, but i like to think it’s not a waste of time.

    neat drawing. if you look back at oldschool Spectrum books, you see a lot of images similar to this in many ways. it’s interesting how the style has aged.

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