Stopped in the the new Cincinnati Ikea, lots of cool Euro stuff. It was like going to another country. The store was a cool design, seeing items in an environment makes the “vision” of what your place could look like possible. great idea there. I had this idea a few years ago, 

I wanted to open a Linens and things type store after I heard how much money my wife was taking in for the store every day selling bathroom crap. Basically set up bathrooms where everything is for sale. So you could stock the store with matching items, and save on crap nobody wants. But never acted on it. I guess they were doing it in Sweden all along.
Walmart has a bad wrap for being a global conglomerate, but Ikea is OK apparently. They can invade America, and sell cheap goods taking our money, but if Walmart does that they are bad. None of these stores solves the problem of endangered small businessman/shop keep.
As well as the energy sucking decentralization of everything. Ikea is about 40 min from my house. So how many carbon emissions did we create to get there? In my little neighborhood the local churches are closing, local hardware stores are going out of business, and there are lots of empty store fronts. and people are driving every where. Getting less exercise and polluting more in the process. 
Does anyone care about this at all?

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