I hear alot of talk about people “making it”. or “getting somewhere”. we all have a built in self loathing that needs constant reassurance. it is evident in our society everyday. We deal with it by primping and scrubbing and maintaining a certain lifestyle. We all want a mansion on the hill top with servants and a beautiful spouse who is perfect in every way, and we won’t be happy til we get it. the problem is the mansion is made out of drywall and plywood, the beautiful perfect spouse wants a perfect spouse which is not us, and even if we got everything we wanted, we would not be happy. Look at the people who have everything, they are just as unhappy as the rest of us. they want two mansions, two wives etc. 

that is the human condition.
here is a card I designed, with my daughter ava and my son max making a snowman… it was always one of my favorites,
rapidograph and digital color

3 thoughts on “Utopia…

  1. i dont think everyone wants that. i dont. mansions are a waste cuz no matter how many rooms you have, you always just end up in the same 4 or 5. i have a small house, and already there are rooms i dont really ever go in.

    i think certain people use money to define “making it.” it’s naive to say that money doesn’t matter, but the success i’m looking for isn’t made up of those things. and i think deep down, most people require the same basic things to actually be happy. but i also believe a lot of people are confused or something in society has clouded their vision and they don’t see those basic small happinesses anymore. but if you got them real drunk and slapped em around a bit, they’d probably wake up.

    i have a really supremely negative outlook on the idea of success as the type of illustrator i dream to be. i need that reassurance from my friends/family there, and even that usually doesn’t do the trick. but, if that’s my only complaint really, i feel pretty lucky.

  2. Nothing will change even if you become millionaire.

    Go to work.
    Eat 3 times.
    Go to Sleep.

    Things you wear, eat or sleep in will be different, but basic life style stays same.

    It is nonsense to say, “I feel sorry for him or her.”
    How do you know if he or she is unhappy anyway.

    Bart, please go back to work and finish your Wendy’s crap.

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