once upon a time when I was in high school, I realized house paint wouldn’t come off of my shirt. I spilled some black latex paint on my shirt and it didn’t wash out, even after repeat washings. So I thought “hey I can make designs on my shirt” so I cut some stencils out of cardboard and dabbed the paint through them making some t-shirt designs…
These shirts became popular with my sisters so I made them some. this is the art scanned from one of those shirts for my sister Patty. 
So I got excited and bought a bunch of under shirts from kmart and painted them with stencils and took them to the Yellow Springs street fair.  Yellow Springs is a hippie island in the middle of ohio. Surrounded by flat thinking farm folk, is the home of antioch college.  
So anyway I went there with my box of hand painted tshirts, and sold every one for $5 a piece. So I went home and the next year I bought a silk screen machine and printed designs on the shirts. They were a flop.

2 thoughts on “primitive cave paintings

  1. That’s how Media Play lost their stores.

    One cool store in town, after popping up so many in the neighborhood, it was a lame store.

    Your shirt was one-shot-wonder.

  2. haha these are AWESOME

    i remember that look. it was so great. you should make those for the office. on bright neon green

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