most artists have a self portrait, I have done some from memory, but never taken the time to create a “real” one. I would find it somewhat narcissistic. To longingly stare at oneself in the mirror, trying to capture ones likeness. ultimately though I need to create some likeness for myself for use online. In chat programs and resume’s etc. I can hardly stand to look at a photo of myself, so illustration is the way to go. I find people are little too real in photos. You can see it in peoples eyes.  sometimes their face is smiling, but their eyes have no soul to them. A fake look to them. when I really want to know someone, I look them straight in the eye. some people look away, some people stare right back. some people have a sadness to them you can only see in their eyes. It makes me wonder what they are missing? Or what has created this condition. 
As a culture we rely on words too much. People have rehearsed lines and jokes to make them appear happy or sad or smart, and most people accept those as reality, when their eyes tell a different story.
 We are animals who can’t speak, but say everything.

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