talking about eyes, I found a web site about serial killers the other day. while looking at the photos I noticed some simlilarities between the looks in their eyes. 
one thing was the over all deep black color, like a sharks eyes void of feeling. 
Some exhibit a raised open eye look. Sort of a maniacal stare. Charley Manson is a prime example.
Note these are real serial killers, not actors, so this is really what they look like. 
it is sort of obvious when you  think about it, drawings of bad guys look like this. So on some level we already know what to look for. 
Serial Killers don’t just kill once out of passion but regularly. So they don’t really think like us.
anyway it is just an observation…

2 thoughts on “art project 101

  1. I thought this discussion goes very deep, but the only thing you said was

    • Their black part of eyes are darker.
    • That’s my observation…

  2. but if you take this information and spot a serial killer, it could save your life and the life of others.

    somethings are important to remember!!!

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