this is lost in time,
at one point, before war came about, army air corp planes where painted bright colors, with racing stripes, and large red white and blue stars…
after the beginning of WWII, they realized the planes looked too much like the enemy,  because they shot down many of our own planes.
currrently our airforce paints planes in flat black, and dull gray colors, like they did at the end of the last war, they look mean and dangerous…
there is something charming about innocence, before people know fear, they live in a Utopian world, Fear makes us old before our time, religious people with pure hearts seem to age a lot slower than your run of the mill non religious person. trusting in a greater power relieves people of the day to day horror. it is hard to believe. logic does not apply, but for some reason since the dawn of time, mankind has needed relief for the soul, almost as much as food… 
reality is a punch in the face, we ultimately are aware of ourselves and we are aware of our mortality. after all we are only so much meat trying desperately to keep from rotting

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