here is a sign I made for our parish festival, the school benefits kids and I am for kids. Kids never did nothing wrong, it is not until adult hood that they morph into maniacs. What happens to kids to make them crazy adults, you can see in kids the potential to be bad and the potential to be good. It is our job as adults to shape the future by teaching kids to be good. Hitler was a kid, What was he like? what pushed him over the line to make him Hitler? he was taught and rewarded for the wrong things obviously. All kids are under some one’s watchful eye, kids can’t raise them selves, so whoever rocks the cradle as influence on the kid. That person creates what the child knows as normal, and what that person will accept as normal as an adult. 

I believe in teaching kids write from wrong, the public school system has given up on what that means. They are divided on right and wrong, and a house divided will not stand. The good part of organized religion is we a are a group of people who all believe in certain rights and wrongs. The ten commandments is a good place to start. Don’t kill people, O.k. that seem obvious but in some households that is not accepted as normal. If you live in a neighborhood where people are  killed everyday, it is normal that one or two people will die a year (or more).  As a member of the Catholic Faith we are against that in any form. I hope to never kill anyone, but it may happen I can’t predict the future. I want to live in a world where that is the goal. 
The ten commandments where created to enhance everyone’s life and make it so we can all live together in peace. People use these words to oppress others at times, which is obviously wrong. Which is religious terrorisim. I imagine a wolf with a sheep skin on. like an old cartoon. As a society we need to be diligent in weeding out these charlatans. Our negligence has caused a mass exodus from our faith as people need a source of good in their life. anyway this could go on but I am tired of typing….

3 thoughts on “church festival

  1. My Jyujitsu teacher once told me that the best self defence form you can get is not to go to the dangerous neighborhood and avoid and ignore fighting.

    People take a pleasure for fighting and doing crazy stuff.

  2. I think that organized religion has some pluses. One being that it gives people direction. However, it seems that the church will “forgive” killers and liars, but will ostracize people from a “loving and accepting” organization for who they love. It kinda makes it difficult to take the “loving and accepting” part seriously.

    That and the whole child molesting heads of church and all.

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