one of my older hobbies is building models, I have fallen away from it as of late, but it is a great way to study objects in three dimensions. You can’t really pick up a ford stock car and look at the muffler system, but you can study a model of one. That is why accuracy is important in model making. Also you get the sensation of being a giant. 

This is a CD single cover I created for a song I recorded called “lets fight”. The box I found on ebay and stripped in a gray background, then altered the type to read what I wanted. by the time I was done, the whole thing seemed boring so I let it go and never did anything with it. I find I need some production savy people to take my ideas and run with them. I run out of time or interest sometimes to make something out of art like this. Oh well now I am bored with this post…
oh yea one more note, the fight song was recorded on a ampex four track tape machine, the same kind the beatles recorded on. it is the size of a refridgerator, but that is a whole other post… it looks like the thing at the top

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