I don’t understand the appeal of Tina Fey. ?????? I tried to watch 30 rock and was completely bored. Apparently she has a lot of appeal among actors she has prominent stars on her show, but it just falls flat with me. I don’t connect with the show on any level. Last night she accidently gets pregnant, thats supposed to be funny? If you ever raised a kid you would know that is a life altering event. You life will get swallowed up completely by a child. but it is good to focus on someone else’ s life beside your own. it makes you grow up. you become an adult. you carry the torch… 

anyway if you can tell me some show where tina fey is hilarious please let me know

2 thoughts on “I don’t get it..quick note

  1. I usually watch that after my fraisier dvd box set, and anything with paulie shore in it….

    (note: that was sarcasm)

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