Christmas is a time of year when snowmen come alive and walk about the earth. it is strange I know for water crystals to take up life but I am telling you this is what happens. The strangest part of it all is they have memories. I don’t know how. they are only alive for short periods of time so they can’t be recalling some past events, but they can talk and dance like it is something they have been doing all their lives. “happy birthday” is a common thing they say when they first come alive. Maybe the are inhabited by a birthday spirit? I don’t know

Another key element is the hat. Because people wear hats on their head over time their thoughts get soaked up into the piece of head gear and it comes out again into the snow man central nervous system. People claim it is magic but really it a sort of cranial echo. The electric impulses are stored in the genetic fibers of wool. That is why synthetic hats don’t work, only old time wool hats store this information. The longer a person wears a hat the more information from that person is stored. That is why all old wool head wear should be burned as to avoid embarrassing facts from the past from resurfacing.  

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