here is September song… I have a friend who is female, she is very sexy and attractive. Great personality… but was always playing the field like in this song… time passes by too fast sometimes… she waited until her biological clock has almost run out, she has finally got married and tried for the first kid. but your body is not as resilient as you get older and the baby was lost. It is a miracle when a baby is born and a blessing, people forget that sometimes, sometimes it is too late to make a baby. You can’t go back in time once your time has run out. I just hope she can still get on the train before it is too late. Sex is made to out to be a sport in our modern culture, this is a shame, because the true beauty is making a baby. I have never cry ed during sex or about sex but watching my daughter grow up has made a soft spot in my heart that makes me weepy over the stupidest stuff. It is strange how much it has effected me. 


2 thoughts on “September Song Jimmy Durante 1955

  1. I obviously wrote the first thing that came to mind. I meant that “I think it will be awesome to have kids.”

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