apparently bees can’t live in a normal house they have to have their own special house… I mean… when I was a kid, bees lived in a normal house like everyone else, no special treatment! now you have the whole bee “lifestyle”… OK this is starting to remind me of that awful Jerry Seinfeld Bee Movie. That movie was a CG nightmare, but I think I already covered this in a previous post. 

3 thoughts on “bee house

  1. it’s called a “skep” bart.

    by the way, you sure are getting sentimental in your old age.

    –crabby g.

  2. I think bee house is much more descriptive…

    I am starting a movment to eliminate extraneous words from the english language…

    not skep but bee house
    not dock but boat hole
    not extraneous but extra junk and shit

    see isn’t that much more easier?

    btw maybe I am, if buy old age you mean my entire life… hence the preoccupation with the past…


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