in the 1970’s it was customary for a boy to achieve manhood through aqusition of a custom van. The Van was usually a panel van, called a panel because it had no windows in the back just a big panel. This panel was a great place to paint slogans, or a hot chick in a leather bikini and a sword with lighting bolts. Airbrush art was the perfect technique for the custom van. The allure was you could live at home, then go out and pick up skanks and weed, and take ad”van”tage of them in the back of your van. The male would advertise his intentions with a bumper sticker that read “ass, gas or grass, no one rides for free”. This lure only worked if the van was soo cool the chicks or babes couldn’t help but to put out just to ride in it. Famous vans include “The Mystery Machine” from scooby do fame  ” The Star Wars” cool movie cool van  “the Levis” – because denim was also an out of control fad but that is a whole nuther post.


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