here is a drawing from jan 18, 1996 @ 5:13 pm . drawn with the pencil tool without any reference. its all vector. I went to the apple store to buy a new mac this weekend but got there and found I didn’t really care about it. I cared about this first mac, it was A new way to create art and a gateway to freelance art opportunity. Production ready art done from my dining room. I didn’t need a stat camera, or a typositor or a selection of expensive ink pens to create camera ready art. I had various fonts, and could make things I never could by hand. This revolution in desktop publishing was the future and I could taste it. the problem with revolutions is they are soon over and then become the mainstream, people are trying to do more hand done looking art these days, but it is hard once you give in to the ease of the computer. it is like walking to work every day, before the car you walked everyday because that is all there was, now you have the option of walking to work. even the most diehard walker will give in on those sub zero days and take a car. that is the same with graphic design. the people who didn’t adopt the revolution are all gone from here… lots of talented people no longer in this business… the craftsmen… the sense of craft


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