I am home on saturday night, I am too old to hang around in bars, and was never much of a drinker anyway. I usually get drunk and stupid, or stay sober and am bored. so I am listening to old new wave records and recording them to my h2 digital recorder. I am recording this waterboys album right now to mp3’s. I have had this album for 20 years or so. it was bought for $1.99 at everybodys records here in town. back then you could buy whole ablums for 1.99 now you can’t get three songs for that. it is bullshit. people don’t feel that is right so most people steal them from various sources. music is not that cool. The Waterboys are typical 80’s new wave band, from the flanger on the guitars to the extended sax parts, and the white guy vocalization. it really takes me back to high school. when things were way too easy. but at the same time they seemed hard at the time. you can never go back. it is amazing how often I think about that shit when I am out of things to do. and when I am out of things to do I write this blog for no particular reason. I guess it gives me an outlet for all the random thoughts that constantly flood my brain. Sometimes I try to use my brain to do useful things, but that can be  stressful, so I focus on hobbies. anyway this h2 recorder is awsome. I just plug my numark pt-01 into the side of the recorder with a rca to 1/8″ plug cord and hit record.    

Bulletin: I am looking for this album by Aztec Camera, they did a cover of van halens Jump but it was all slow and smarmy. it was very funny and sarcastic at the time. not like the rap crap people listen to today, with all the sex and vulgarity. Hey you damn kids!! get offa my lawn!!!  ohh sorry about that….

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