Here is a preview of a special project you can actually take home for a good cause (March of Dimes)!!
now on the the review
this weekend we went to Ikea. My mother in law was in town and thought she would like it. 

we ended up buying a new bathroom….
The cabinets were cool and cheap and well designed, they hold twice as much as our old cabinets and are flatter to the wall. 
the sink was cool and made space in our super small bathroom 4 x 5?
the flooring sucked and wouldn’t go together. it was 35 bucks.
cheap for flooring but, it wouldn’t stay down on my uneven floor. so it was too cheap to be good.
so I pulled it and bought pergo that went down in a snap but it was an extra 100 bucks
the faucet had the opposite connectors as ever other sink I have ever bought so I had to make a special trip to buy adaptors at 9:30 before we could turn the water back on. it had female ends instead of male ends.
my house is old and it seems like there is no wood behind the walls in the bathroom. so every screw would just go into the drywall and spin because there is nothing for it to catch on. 

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