14,592 sun rises, sun sets…

averaging 2 poops a day sometimes more, sometimes less – 29,184 poops
14,592 times to remember things,
14,592 days of trying new things,
14,592 days of breathing in and out
65% good days
15% bad days
1% truley awful days
19% of days of ennui
some days are good half the day and bad half the day
the body is a sea of ingredients in different ratios, sometimes they are out of wack and that effects the mood. 
I hope to push the good day percentage up by 1% this year!

3 thoughts on “day 14,592 of my life

  1. i’m on day 9,430. weird isn’t it? i dont know if that sounds like a lot for a lifetime or not? it’s weird to think too that some people only had a couple of thousand before their time was up. i consider myself lucky.

  2. it definately makes you think

    just think you only have a certain amount of time

    are you spending it wisely?

    what is a good day?

    a day where you do nothing but are happy?
    or a day where you create a mountain but hate every minute of it?

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