I drew this with the computer in 1995. by drawing a line like the silhouette of a balloon then flipping it horizontal, then using object blend to draw the lines precisely in between.

drawing with a computer is a excellent way to make precision drawings. in fact I was having a hard time getting work before the computer because my hand work was so loose and characterized (see blog header)  people had a hard time finding a place for it. but with my love of machinery and computers I was able to draw thing more precisely than ever before and create precision art. people can argue over the validity of calling it art… but I don’t really care about those people. I make the rules for my life not them. every thing is made up. everything. all words, all man made objects and if you believe in God, all of nature… so if I want to make up my own definition for art I will….  try and stop me world
oh yea this looks like something from the turn of the century, the style, the color, the object, I didn’t plan that, it just came out that way. so in a way it is magic…


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